Workshops in Schools and Colleges

Laughter In Mind - Childrens WorkshopOur workshops are not dependent upon any particular level of skill, agility, language or academic ability, making them very inclusive and totally non-competitive.

In a school or college, our programme of activities help promote an emotionally healthy environment, helps children and young people be ‘learning ready’ and provides a strategy to help them to cope and overcome life’s disappointments, improving their resilience and emotional and mental well-being.

The fun workshop activities, combined with gentle breathing and Laughter Yoga exercises promote physical activity and improve energy levels. Laughter as part of a group provides a shared focus; strengthens relationships, helps to raise self-esteem and confidence and creates a sense of belonging.

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(Image: primary school children and their teacher enjoying relaxation after a Laughter Yoga Workshop).

Our New ©Wise Ways to Wellbeing Programme, based on the New Economics Foundation’s five evidence -based actions to improve wellbeing, is suitable for both primary and secondary schools and our fun, interactive lessons provide children with the skills to enable them to include the 5 actions into their daily lives and continue them into the future.

Happy children and young people are less likely to display inappropriate behaviour, more likely to make healthier life choices and achieve and succeed.  Why not build our programme into your SEAL/PSHE or PSD curriculum?  Include our workshop activities in your school/college health week programme, introduce it as a leveller prior to exams or as a before/after school club activity or assembly?  See your outcomes improve!

Workshops for School Staff

Our workshops can help maintain a happy healthy workforce. We can help strengthen the bond of your team and forge positive relationships through group activities, laughter and relaxation.  Individuals will feel improvements in their mental and emotional health and be happier at work, their ability to cope with anxiety and stress will improve, this helps to raise morale, improve outcomes and reduce sickness absence.  It’s a cost effective way to support induction programmes, health and well-being approaches and team-building.  Help your staff cope with their busy lives. For more on how our activities can work for your staff, click the ‘Work Places’ link below.

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